spielbox 2024/3 - English edition

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spielbox 2024/2 - English edition

New card "City Park" for "Terraforming Mars" (Fryx Games)

Winner of the French Game of the Year "As d'Or" this year is "Trio". Harald Schrapers was present at the award ceremony and took the opportunity to talk to Eric M. Lang about his game "Life in Reterra", among other things.

This time, illustrator Maura Kalusky is featured in the "Art and Games" section. He is known for his illustrations for the 2F games. Sybille Whitehill spoke to Eric Dieulangard, Head of Marketing at Equinox, about the incredible Kickstarter success of the new TCG "Altered".

Reviews in this issue include Obsession, Sky Team and Hegemony.

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