spielbox 2008/5

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spielbox 2014/5 - German edition

This is the German edition!

This issue includes 2 new ad ons:

  • A new mini-expansion to Carcasssonne "half and half" (Hans im Glueck Verlag)
  • Special cards "Soja Sauce" to the fast card game "Sushi Go" by Noris/Zoch
7,00 EUR
Kramer Almanac
The Almanac  includes an exclusive expansion to ASARA called "Die Gaben des Kalifen" (only in German). The Almanac is not available in English.
Originally 3,50 EUR
Only 2,10 EUR
Knizia Almanac
Game In The Mag: Olix for 2 players
The add-on "2 new buildings to Blue Moon City" is not included anymore. Therefore we reduced the price. (2 more buildings - Part II - are included in spielbox no. 6/2006)
Originally 4,00 EUR
Only 2,40 EUR
SPIEL DOCH! 2016/2

Only in German!
Spielen mit Hoecker
Alles über Andor
Die Spiele des Jahres
Im Escape-room

Dem Heft liegt das Schnupperspiel „Karma“ von Amigo  bei.

4,90 EUR