Celebrating 25 years Rio Grande

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The Game Mlem von Asmodee

Interview with Reiner Knizia about his new game "Mlem.

Also with reviews of Kuhfstein, Pan Am, Akeis, Dorfromantik - Das Duell, Books of Time

40 Years of Game Culture - A Look Back and Ahead and much more.

And as always at the end of the year, the magazine naturally also contains the annual index.

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The Game Karvi from Hans im Glück

2 cards "Sanki & Onibi" for Living Forest (Ludonaute) 

As always after the trade fair, this "After-SPIEL" issue already contains a few reviews of games that were presented there, such as: Drachenhüter, FTW?!, Karvi or Trekking - Reise durch die Zeit.

Great Western Trail has been joined by Argentina and New Zealand. Udo Bartsch spoke to Alexander Pfister about this and there is also a review of both titles.  
And the Mafia will also be making another appearance in the board game world with La Famiglia.

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The Game Lorcana from Ravensburger


Bonus card Duerer Bat / European Hare for Forest Shuffle (Lookout Games).
Promo card for Sunrise Lane (Horrible Guild)

In this issue, we take a closer look at Ravensburger's entry into the world of trading cards with "Disney Lorcana".

And of course, some new games from the SPIEL 2023 have already made it into the magazine.

Starting with this issue, we will begin a series in which we will introduce outstanding illustrators, since the design of a game is a not inconsiderable part of the game's appeal and also the incentive to buy.

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