The Game El Grande from Hans im Glück

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The Game Lorcana from Ravensburger

This is the German edition. 


Bonuskarte Dürer Fledermaus / Feldhase für Mischwald (Lookout Games)
Promokarte Park für Sunrise Lane (Horrible Guild)

In diesem Heft widmen wir uns ausführlich dem Einstieg von Ravensburger in die Welt der Trading cards mit „Disney Lorcana“.

Und natürlich haben auch bereits einige Neuheiten der SPIEL 2023 es bereits ins Heft geschafft.

Ab dieser Ausgabe starten wir mit einer Reihe, in der wir herausragende Illustratoren vorstellen wollen, da die Gestaltung eines Spieles ein nicht unbeträchtlicher Bestandteil des Spiel- und auch Kaufanreizes ausmacht.

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30 years 6 nimmt! from Amigo
Promo for "Kutná Hora" (Czech Games)
"Marchland" promo for "Dominion" (Rio Grande)
A special card for "6 nimmt!" (Amigo Games)
Promo Lucky Coins for "Challengers" (Plan B)
Promo for "Evacuation" (Delicious Games)

In this issue, we celebrate "30 years of 6 nimmt!" with Amigo Spiele. Readers can also look forward to the big report with the new products from the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg. The editorial team was of course on site and played or played through many new products, photographed them and spoke to authors, editors and publishers.
Reviews include Die weiße Burg, Knarr, Nukleum etc.


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spielbox 2022/1 - English edition

Promo "Instructor" for Port Royal (Pegasus)
Promo "Alicorn" for Lost Ruins of Arnak (Czech Games)
Promo "Building Box" for Underwater Cities

Although the International Toy Fair could not take place, we have of course nevertheless informed ourselves about the spring novelties. "Less is more" is the name of the new game by Ralf zur Linde, with whom we also talked about music, Mallorca and mathematics. Reviews in this issue are Flippermania, Golem, Messina 1347, Mille Fiori, Paleo: A New Beginning, Ultimate Railroads and Wonder Book and more

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